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Weekly Open RP Event in Verat Chaos


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Jack T. Lamplighter
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This event repeats every week on Monday forever

Event details

This is a weekly 'Open RP' event located at the Pub of Extraordinary Thought in Verat Chaos which is nested in Dawn's Keep just south of Britanny. Hosted by Andartianna Zazeriz

Local chat will be reserved during the event for RP. For anything spoken out of character please use "OOC:"tag or a private channel (ie whisper, guild etc)

The pub features a large open layout pub on the first floor, A library on the second floor, and an arena basement below. Open to active use for all types of RP scenarios. Andartianna will also be representing the Court of Beran's Reach as a Magistrate of the Court and will hear petitions to the court during this eventeach week.

There is a 10k gold prize each week for the best role players.

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