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<PVP> Gladiator Wars - Battles


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Jack T. Lamplighter
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This event repeats every week on Thursday forever

Event details

The events will continue all the way through final release, but will really start mattering Upon Release of Ep. 1.

This is a good timeto size up competition, and start building teams. Everyone is invited to watch or participate. If you have no clue what "Gladiator Wars" is, check out this post here.


I hope to see you all out at the events throughout all the early releases/alpha/betas.

These events are sponsored solely by myself and a few volunteers, when there are prizes involved it comes from pocket and/or charity, by myself and others. Even though we may have guild titles above our names, by no means is it sponsored by that guild, town, or Devs. (unless one of them decide to offer up stuff) in situations like that, I will then announce who offered up stuff as prizes.

"Gladiator Wars" is solely itself with no sides (weare Neutral, and we invite friends and enemies alike to participate and compete) All are welcome to come and participate or spectate.

/zone Pestilence to join!
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