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    Boris Mondragon grew up in the main Orphanage in Britain, a town in a far away land called Brittania. In his earliest recollection from his childhood he remembered learning carpentry and tailoring as the orphanage trained all their children to prepare for their sixteenth birthday when they would go out into the world. The orphanage allowed those over age 12 to help the City in different manners and Boris took the opportunity to help in the docks repairing sails and decks of various ships. It was a small sleek ship called a sloop that caught Boris' attention and where he spent several years working as a volunteer. He gathered much knowledge of ships and the crew taught him of the ways of sailors which helped Boris in obtaining a scholarship to the Brittain Shipping academy. At age sixteen he entered the academy and spent the next two years learning all sciences required to become an officer. Boris was a serious student who earned many accolades from the staff at the academy and also much envy from the other academy candidates. This is where his problems began as his fellow candidates who for the most part came from rich families with known pedigrees could not fathom an orphan who was the top candidate in academics, leadership and swordfighting. It did not help either than Boris caught the eye of the Commanding Officer's daughter named Erica who took every opportunity to visit the academy and start conversations with him. It was on graduation day that the scandal erupted and Boris was not allowed to graduate for "integrity issues" as the Commanding Officer assumed that unallowed fraternization had occured between Boris and a his daughter. Boris was escorted out of the academy in the middle of laughs and jeers from his fellow candidates and thrown out in the middle of Britain. He looked at that academy vowing they would pay for their wrongdoing and the dark label placed on the orphanage he came from. Boris was fortunate to land a job as crewmember on that sleek sloop called the "Phantom" he first fell in love with and worked on prior to the academy and this is where the adventure begins.
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    Questions go here

    On OCCASION!!! Humph! I got an OCCASION for you! IT'S 5 O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE!!!!
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    Jack T. Lamplighter

    Questions go here

    Do we get free ale after so many posts?
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    Hello everyone! Asclepius is on vacation, so I will do my best to keep you awake Here is the news of the week! Preorder The Sword of Midras SotA Novel and Audiobook! HoBLotH III Community Event Royal Warrant Awarded to The Phoenix Republic Xounts Kickstarter: Shroud of the Avatar Special The Mysterious Chamber at the Confluence The Making of Brittany Wharfs 47 Day Countdown to Summer 2016 Expiration Event, Part 1 Upcoming Events Community Activities Community Resources – Players Helping Players Backer Shipping Addresses Recommended Projects to Back/li> The post Echoes From the Caverns 06-10-16 appeared first on Echoes from the Caverns. View the full article
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    Last week was amazing in Austin for both Portalarium and the SotA community! Many on our team had the pleasure of attending the community run event, HoBLotH III, which stands for Hearth of Britannia: Lifeblood of the Hearth. The event generated a huge amount of activity for over five days at Castleton Village near the office. Dancing, storytelling, and LARPing quests and contests occurred throughout each day with many events extending well into the evenings. Tuesday was the official kick-off day with the real fun beginning on Wednesday with a bunch of quests that included testing one’s knowledge of Britannia, a scavenger hunt, fishing, and fighting for valor in LARP combat! COMMUNITY EVENTS Lazarus Long and Jack “SinAssist” (Laz & Jack) from NBNN were in attendance, leading several community quests on Wednesday. Kacey Cupcakes also had a Wednesday workshop where you could learn how to create your own etched shot glasses, mugs, and even style one right there on the spot! Blake Blackstone, Doc Holiday, Goldenflame, Minerva, Shamus, Sir Edward Virtalis, Winfield, and many other active community members also ran quests during the event. Here are just some of the quest highlights involving team members from Portalarium: The Great Debate: Lord British vs. Darkstarr The infamous Darkstarr attempts to stand his ground against the might of Lord British! In a contest of wits and courage, the two faced off on Friday evening to defend their character’s philosophies. Spectators cheered on each side while questions were taken by the Unseen Order guild. Can you guess who won the coveted trophy from the event? Lord British’s account: “Fridays Great Debate between myself and the honorable Lord Darkstarr brought together by Unseen Dragon was a rousing event! I was very impressed with Lord Darkstarr’s framing of the case for Chaos, personal freedoms, and personal responsibilities. Had the event ended soon after our opening remarks, I have no doubt the votes would have strongly favored Chaos over Virtue. Fortunately, through a series of cross examinations, the people ultimately saw that having Virtue as a guide in one’s decision making, was not antithetical to personal freedoms and responsibilities, but could rather augment it, and thus Virtue rightly won the day! But, I must remind thee all, Virtue and Chaos are not in opposition. Vice is the opposite of Virtue and Order perhaps Fascist Order is the opposite of Chaos.” Capture the Keg – A Battle of Virtue As HoBLotH hit the height of the weekend, Lord British and Darkstarr each started searching around the grounds to recruit fighters for their individual causes. The newly formed armies fought each other in a themed boffer battle of epic proportions that shook the core of Britannia itself, and sent waves of both victory and the cries of defeat from one end of HoBLotH to the other. Watch the battle unfold (thanks Noni for sharing this video!): Lord British’s account: “Last year at HoBLotH 2, my forces of Virtue won the day at the Capture the Keg battle… but I am embarrassed to admit, that this was largely the fault of my side and our alcohol induced forgetfulness causing us to short-cut some of the resurrection rules and such. Rightly, Chaos should be acknowledged as the winner of last year. Similarly this year, Chaos…under Darkstarr’s leadership… was winning. Yet, when it came to the attention of Lord Darkstarr that his forces outnumbered those of virtue, he virtuously granted a few combatants across the sides… to his own demise! Chaos once again, this time “officially”, lost. It is interesting to note that Virtue was Chaos’ undoing, and that twice they deserved to win!” Stone Soup with Lady Minerva A day’s worth of questing goes perfectly with a hearty meal at the end. Lady Minerva dished up a special soup of hers on Thursday evening. Actually, it was the Stone Soup event, so everyone in attendance had a chance to toss in something delicious! Lord British’s account: “Lady Minerva invited Princess Kinga and myself to attend a making of Stone Soup. Not only was the soup itself a wonderful meal for the evening, but she gave the princess a copy of the book Stone Soup, which we read before the meal. I should also point out though, that while it cooked, the princess attacked and killed no less than 3 attendees and placed their body parts in the soup! You can tell that she is lobbying for cannibalism in New Britannia. Kinga made Stone Soup again, on her own, in the final hours before we left the site.” Fishing with Winfield Everyone knows that Winfield is one of the most famous fisherman in all of Britannia. He was at HoBLotH throughout the week at the fishing docs, telling tales of old fishing times, while keeping a watchful eye on his fishing pole for anything that might bite. The week’s light rains favored his fishing spot, for he happened to catch a real beauty of a fish! Lord British’s account: “While Princess Kinga and I arrived too late for the official “Fishing with Winfield” Event, Kinga did take up a pole and in fact caught two fish! She proudly took both to Lord Winfield and to the Pirates with whom she spent much of her time at HoBLoth. Many of the Hospitallers participated by preparing the fish, which she joyously shared with her friends! Winfield kindly granted her a pin from fishing with Winfield, as well as one for telling the story of catching a fish. For all this, we are grateful!” Werewolves at Buccaneer’s Den! Berek, the new community manager for Portalarium, was also in attendance. His favorite animal being the wolf, he couldn’t help but participate in the werewolf game at Buccaneer’s Den. For those who do not know the game, you either play as a villager, werewolf, or seer. Werewolves know who their kindred are, prey upon the villagers each day. Villagers can suspect who is a werewolf and end up voting to hang supposed werewolves. In the end, the werewolves will win if they are equal or greater to the population of villagers. Was Berek a menacing werewolf or a simple villager? You decide :). GOOD TIMES HAD BY ALL Perhaps the event’s peak was when Lord British led the renewal of wedding vows for multiple couples. Vows were also said between Kazyn Phoenixfyre and Jenny Phoenixfyre of the Phoenix Republic guild. Congrats to all! So many other events are not covered here, that we encourage anyone interested in learning more about HoBLotH to visit: www.hearthofbritannia.com. Good times were had by all attendees, both community and developers alike. A special thanks to Joseph “Rustic Dragon” Toschlog for coordinating and driving such a fantastic event. The memories shared will be fondly remembered by attendees for years, and perhaps, if we are lucky, they will share those stories again when the next on-site event for the community is announced! If you are interested in learning more about all of our community events, visit www.shroudoftheavatar.com! View the full article
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    Boris Mondragon

    Questions go here

    *sneaks his head and looks around* Do we have a forum to post rp stories and introductions? *smiles as he fades into the shadows*
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    Hello everyone! Here is the news! **** UPDATE: Summer 2016 Expirations **** The Halls of Artifice (A Work In Progress) The Making of Brittany Fields Elad’s Lighthouse Revamped Headgear The Bear, the Bare, and the Maiden, Faire (a Community Event) Balloon PoT Connections Silver Serpent Pendant Available in a Variety of Metals Community Resources – Players Helping Players In-game Community Events Upcoming Events Backer Shipping Addresses Recommended Projects to Back The post Echoes From the Caverns 05-13-16 appeared first on Echoes from the Caverns. View the full article
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    When: Every Saturday 11am CT Where: Church of the Dark Star, PaxLair What: High Priestess of Chaos Amber Raine and Kazyn Phoenixfyre ofthe Church of the Sun, Port Phoenix, shall be hosting services inside the Church of the Dark Star, PaxLair We welcome those that follow the path of Chaos as well as any that wish to learn what freedom of choice truly is about. Kazyn Phoenixfyre brings his own spin on the shared topics as a virtue follower. Together we unite under one roof for equality. *Note* Equality does not mean balance! For those that are unable to attend but have interest in listening to them, whether for catch up or simply because you can not make the posted times. They have been and will continue to be posted on sound cloud. Thank you to all those that have joined us in the last weeks, and to Net for saying "put that in the events forum" ;)
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    Hello everyone! Here is the news! The Making of Valhold (Castle Interior) The Halls of Artifice (A Work In Progress) The Making of Brittany Fields Merchant Outfit Revamp + Fortified Cloth Gloves & Boots The Spring Festival of the Avatar Telethon Results Shroud In The News: Richard Garriott and Personal Rapid Transport Summer 2016 Expirations New Kobold Furniture, Pavers, Streelamps, and Gazebo Upcoming Events Backer Shipping Addresses Recommended Projects to Back http://thecaverns.net/Podcasts/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Echoes05-06-16.mp3?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss The post Echoes From the Caverns 05-06-16 appeared first on Echoes from the Caverns. View the full article
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    Housing list

    Yup. That looks about right for now.
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    Dragons Watch Map

    Ooops! Something went wrong. Please see the map on "http://sotamap.com"
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    thanks, makes sense, also I like my Viking house and the rats
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    Hi, wast sure where to post this , but I see reminders about meltdowns before wipes what exactly does this mean, can you save certain things and put into bank and have them after wipe??? or something?? thanks, Murdock
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    OK, the term "meltdown" refers to returning things that you have purchased to the add-on store for store credit. Basically "melting" them down. So, as an example, you purchased the viking house, tried it out on the waterfront for a few releases and found that it's easy for rat's to get in. So you return it to the store, "melting " it down to store credit to purchase the metal Kobold "rat proof" home. The BIG ISSUE with melting down is, it can only be down right after a wipe. BEFORE you log into the game. Once you login everything is automatically claimed, which then leaves no chance to melt the item. So there are now only 2 opportunities to do so. R29 & R32. Hope that made sense.
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    If I live in any of the boroughs of PaxLair City am I required to join any guilds?
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    Jack T. Lamplighter

    What is PaxLair?

    What exactly is PaxLair?
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    Jack T. Lamplighter

    Maple Wood

    The Briasch Maple Forest, Part of Grunvald is just up river from Lockbrier. Have to cross the bridge from PaxLair to Lockbrier, then turn sout following the river to the entry point. This is a 4 skull area. Large Timber wolves, brown spiders, large brown spiders, humanoid fighters. Maple trees are plentiful
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    Early Maps of PaxLair

    R17 dev view of PaxLair as of April 10, 2015
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    Early Maps of PaxLair

    R17 static layout
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    Hello everyone! Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar! Making of Valhold Artifice (A Work In Progress) Mountain Player Owned Town Template Broadcast Automated Phonograph GDC and SXSW Wrap Up Recap “Pronoia” Cross Promotion Sandillox Presents: Name That Tune 38 Day Countdown to Spring 2016 Pledge Expirations Backer Shipping Addresses In-game Community Events Upcoming Events Recommended Projects to Back http://thecaverns.net/Podcasts/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Echoes03-25-16.mp3?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss The post Echoes From the Caverns 03-25-16 appeared first on Echoes from the Caverns. View the full article
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    Pine Wood

    As the name would suggest North Naryad Pinelands has nothing but pine trees. I found some recipes that require only pine wood and checked out this area. It is a 3 skull area. Has Brigands types, Large Timber Wolfs, Grizzly Bears etc. It also has a small spider cave with Sapphire Crystal.
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    Dragons Watch setup Thread

    Started to design castle walls in entry area. Idea is to wall that area of as a "safe zone" and have the "evil " outside the walls. Hope to maker some good RP situations out of this.
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    Updated some images for you, change as you see fit.
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    Event Title: SoTA R9 reopens for PAX PrimeEvent Author: SilverfootCalendar: Community CalendarEvent Date: 29 Aug 2014 11:00 AM through 01 Sep 2014 11:00 AM (Ranged Event) August 29 - September 1, 2014 – SotA at PAX Prime Summary: The Penny Arcade eXpo Prime (PAX Prime) is a gaming festival held in Seattle. Other PAX festivals are held in Boston, Melbourne and San Antonio. PAX was created by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, the authors of the Penny Arcade webcomic, because they wanted to attend a show that gave equal attention to console gamers, computer gamers, and tabletop gamers. Created in 2004, PAX has been hailed as a celebration of gamer culture. Events:Showing at Plantronics Booth Release 9 Reopens Release 10 Access Giveaways PVP Events iRichard telepresent robot to attend View Event