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  1. Greetings Citizens of Paxlair! We will be running a raffle competition between August 29th and September 4th, the winner will receive a Water.org Cloak. The competition is limited to Paxlair community members only. To enter, simply gather Pine Wood, Maple Wood, Or Wood Scraps (or a combination of these materials) over the next week and hand them to Cambria Stormlin at 13:30 UTC on September 4th at the castle lot in Paxlair (during the Sunday Paxlair Meeting) The winner will be selected by random, but the more wood you donate, the more chance you have to win: 1 Wood = 1 Chance to win 5 Wood Scrap = 2 Chances to win (Wood scrap will be rounded down to the nearest number divisible by 5) Donated materials will be used to decorate the PaxLair Castle Basement, which will benefit the community as a whole.