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  1. NANOC

    Insanely large patches !!!!

    I don't think so Murdock. I will look and ask and if I find out anything I will let you know.
  2. Awesome to see you pass thru Elijah! Come back whenever possible! May Truth be my Sword,Courage my Shield and Love Guide them both. --Govannon Mac Lyr
  3. NANOC

    Housing Information

    Welcome to PaxLair Rielle Peddler!
  4. NANOC

    The Departure

    Good Luck Boris, fair winds and following sea to you as well. I have copies of you writings in SotA book form. I shall make sure they get a prominent place in the New PaxLair Library!
  5. NANOC

    patch 450 question

    Great, I had no problem with the 450 patch, glad to hear it working now for ya. Cya ingame
  6. NANOC


    Onus Fairwind has a site www.sotacrafting.wiki its has lots of recipes.
  7. NANOC


    I just had a thought and because I am not sure about what recipes will still be in my book after final wipe. I figured I better write them down.
  8. NANOC

    RELEASE 31

    This may be a little late (:P) but No!
  9. Hello Manerd and welcome. :)

    1. Manerd


      Howdy bud. Glad to be here...but still learning my way around here

  10. NANOC

    question about meltdowns before wipes

    Great explanation Sean, thanks. I was, like Murdock, wondering what it meant also.
  11. NANOC

    Questions go here

    On OCCASION!!! Humph! I got an OCCASION for you! IT'S 5 O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE!!!!
  12. NANOC

    Pine Wood

    As the name would suggest North Naryad Pinelands has nothing but pine trees. I found some recipes that require only pine wood and checked out this area. It is a 3 skull area. Has Brigands types, Large Timber Wolfs, Grizzly Bears etc. It also has a small spider cave with Sapphire Crystal.
  13. NANOC

    Dragons Watch setup Thread

    Spending a lot of time gathering materials to construct walls and learning new recipes. Made a couple of new gate sections and a wall section with a tower. I have lot sites available and can place plots anywhere.