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    NPC name: Luchon Silvertongue - Pilgrim - male/human - Xenos NPC background: Despair has set in for Luchon as he can't get over the success of his half-brother Cuwe Silvertongue of PaxLair. Cuwe has become an excellent swordsman and is working his way to become a GrandMaster Blacksmith. Luchon has fallen into bouts of drunken envy after having suffered serious burns to his hands which leave him unable to to follow his own chosen path as a Tailor and aspiring mage. He hopes his pilgrimage will change him cure him of his disability. Never admitting that his own actions have led him down this path. --------------------------------------- NPC name: Heather Candela - Waitress - female/human - Port Graff NPC background : I grew up in PaxLair and left so I could see the world. Someday I want to be a famous bard and perform in Brittany. Now if people would only tip better I could afford training by a real bard.