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List of Residents and lots

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Isle of Wonders Lots

If you believe you should be on the below list. Do not fret, merely get in touch with the city manager and all will be made well.



Forum Name Char name Neighborhood area Lot # Lot Size Intended use Guild? Notes and Comments
Unknown Sole Island K1 Keep   4B
Unknown Lazon Island C1 City Water   4B
Unknown Maze Island C2 City Maze 4B
Unknown Maze Island C3 City Maze 4B
Unknown Maze Island C4 City Maze 4B
Unknown Maze Island C5 City Maze 4B
Unknown Laurelia Island C7 City    
Unknown Athanil Island C8 City    
Arianna Arianna Island C9 City    
Unknown Lorin Island C10 City    
Unknown Drakhann Island C11 City    
Unknown Goodgulf Island T1 Town Water    
Soliedad Soliedad Island T2 Town Water    
Unknown Gaelis Island T3 Town Water    
Net Net Island T4 Town    
Unknown Malik Island T5 Town    
Unknown Selene Island T6 Town    
Unknown Saysa Island T7 Town    
Edward Newgate Edward Newgate Island V3 Village Water    
Unknown Sole Island V4 Village    
Unknown Crazon Island V5 Village    
Unknown Silverglade Island V6 Village    
Unknown Lokey Island V7 Village    
Jynx Jynx Island V8 Village    
Jynx Jynx Island V9 Village    
Unknown Rodriquez Island V10 Village    
Arianna Arianna Island V11 Village    
Arianna Arianna Island V12 Village    
Unknown Archaon Island V13 Village    
Unknown Orne Island V14 Village    


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