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Slash Commands

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Slash Commands

A list of chat / commands (also known as “slash commands”) and their functionality follows. To use a chat command, type in the command followed by any input required (denoted in the below list by a pair of <>) and the ENTER key to execute it. Note that some of these commands are for testing purposes and may be removed in the future.


/leave: leaves your active party.

/friend <playername>: add player to friend list.

/unfriend <playername>: remove player from friend list.

/block <playername>: add player to blocked list.

/unblock <playername>: remove player from blocked list.

/w <playername>, <text>: send a private message to a player.

/r <text>: reply to the last private whisper you received.

/p <text>: switch to party chat text entry mode.

/l <text>: switch to local chat text entry mode.

/orb <text>: switch to noble’s chat channel. (With appropriate backer reward item)

/n <text>: switch to noble’s chat channel. (With appropriate backer reward item)

/loc: print the player location in world coordinates.

/loctrack: toggles location coordinates on the screen. (Great for bug report screenshots.)

/bug <text>: copy a bug small bug report to the clipboard.

/stuck: reset the Avatar’s position

/follow: follow the targeted Avatar

/AFK: Enter AFK mode.

/<emote>: the emotes from the emote list may be entered as a chat command. 
Emotes can also be triggered by typing %emote% as part of a sentence. “Look! Behind you! %point%”

/em <statement>: Allows whatever a player types to be used as an emote. Typing /em says “Look! Behind you!” %point% will result in other players seeing “Yourname says “Look! Behind You!”” and your avatar performing the point animation.

/visible: hides the Avatar model from view. (Useful for screenshots.)

/leaveguild: Leaves the current guild

/reportplayer <playername>, <text>: report inappropriate behavior, abuse, or harassment.

/reportcontent: File a report on inappropriate player content, bugs, etc...

/assist: Targets your current target’s target.

/assist <NAME>: Target's <Name> target.

/who: Displays a list of nearby Avatars. Avatars not in your party or guild will appear as “?” until you get close enough to confirm their identity. This command does not work in PvP scenes.

/z <text>: switch to scene chat.



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