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Since PaxLair City is a "town" and not a guild, we encourage folks to be in any guild they want.

PaxLair City itself will have 5 main guilds associated with it.

PaxLair - A guild that will eventually only have PaxLair City officials in it. It will be a government guild - See Winfield

Pax et Veritas - " Peace and Truth" one of our virtue guilds. Mostly based in the PaxLair City borough of Lockbrier - See Themo Lock

Pax et Amor - "Peace and Love" our 2nd virtue guild. Mostly based in the PaxLair City borough of Tenakill - See Sean Silverfoot

Pax et Fortudo - 'Peace and Courage" our third virtue guild - See Crazy Mary or Nanoc

4b - The famous 4b guild master builders of mazes and structures. Located in the PaxLair borough of Island of Wonders - See Sole, Gaelis Trajan or Net


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