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Murdock Redbone

question about meltdowns before wipes

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OK, the term "meltdown" refers to returning things that you have purchased to the add-on store for store credit. Basically "melting" them down. :orc21(bis):


So, as an example, you purchased the viking house, tried it out on the waterfront for a few releases and found that it's easy for rat's to get in. So you return it to the store, "melting " it down to store credit to purchase the metal Kobold "rat proof" home.

The BIG ISSUE with melting down is, it can only be down right after a wipe. BEFORE you log into the game. Once you login everything is automatically claimed, which then leaves no chance to melt the item.

So there are now only 2 opportunities to do so. R29 & R32.

Hope that made sense.


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