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    Boris Mondragon

    The Departure

    Boris awoke to an empty tavern. As his vision cleared he found a plate of food and drink had been left for him, a blanket thrown over him and the fireplace had been left burning. He slowly got up and realized there were no visible injuries so he ate the food left for him which though cold was just what his ravenous appetite needed. The ale or what seemed like ale tasted horrible yet he was thirsty and drank it quickly. He also located his backpack and upon opening it saw that fresh provisions consisting of fruits, dry cooked meat, a knife and a bottle of what he assumed was more ale had been placed there. He also noticed a small piece of parchment with some handwriting which he took over to the fireplace in order to read it and it said:"We do not know who you are or how you stumbled into our private event last night yet inspected you and found you had no life threatening injuries so we have left you to recuperate in the warmth of the inn and have prepared provisions for you as we assume that you must be passing through. We wish you safe travels in your future endeavors". Boris smiled to himself as he could envision the image of a salt-water drenched man falling into an inn and dropping unconcious in the middle of a private event was not what these folks expected nor wanted therefore he knew his first impression would not warrant any further hospitality here at this town. He found a quill and some ink near the bar and wrote slowly a reply of gratitude; "I apologize for interrupting your event last night and appreciate the meal, provisions and warm fire that kept me alive. For this you will have my eternal gratitude as I was thrust into this world and this town by fate. Mayhaps one day in the future I may return to repay you yet there is a purpose to my visit here in this unknown land that I must complete. Fair winds and Following Seas to all. Boris Mondragon. OOC; Time to move on to leave my mark on this new land and soon form a pirate guild. Thanks for the hospitality.
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    Greetings Citizens of Paxlair! We will be running a raffle competition between August 29th and September 4th, the winner will receive a Water.org Cloak. The competition is limited to Paxlair community members only. To enter, simply gather Pine Wood, Maple Wood, Or Wood Scraps (or a combination of these materials) over the next week and hand them to Cambria Stormlin at 13:30 UTC on September 4th at the castle lot in Paxlair (during the Sunday Paxlair Meeting) The winner will be selected by random, but the more wood you donate, the more chance you have to win: 1 Wood = 1 Chance to win 5 Wood Scrap = 2 Chances to win (Wood scrap will be rounded down to the nearest number divisible by 5) Donated materials will be used to decorate the PaxLair Castle Basement, which will benefit the community as a whole.