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On 6/25/2016 at 9:27 AM, Stryker said:

Is it time to open this keg of free ale, yet?

Anytime is a good time my friend.  We have the site name of PaxLair.org, which I have pointed here. Now getting the domainname changed over as the primary a redoing the software will be fun. Waiting to tackle that when work slows down.

Saw a character intorstory written would love to see more happing. I will be working on Silverfoot's opening.


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I got a couple of more updates for Boris before he washes up in Pax Lair and will leave it open there for anyone else who wants to be part of the group that sees him washed up.  They can use his story to introduce themselves or be part of the Boris Saga as I plan to do a weekly story update.


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