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Boris Mondragon

The Elegant Pirate (An Introduction)

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Boris Mondragon grew up in the main Orphanage in Britain, a town in a far away land called Brittania.  In his earliest recollection from his childhood he remembered learning carpentry and tailoring as the orphanage trained all their children to prepare for their sixteenth birthday when they would go out into the world.  The orphanage allowed those over age 12 to help the City in different manners and Boris took the opportunity to help in the docks repairing sails and decks of various ships.  It was a small sleek ship called a sloop that caught Boris' attention and where he spent several years working as a volunteer.  He gathered much knowledge of ships and the crew taught him of the ways of sailors which helped Boris in obtaining a scholarship to the Brittain Shipping academy.  At age sixteen he entered the academy and spent the next two years learning all sciences required to become an officer.  Boris was a serious student who earned many accolades from the staff at the academy and also much envy from the other academy candidates.  This is where his problems began as his fellow candidates who for the most part came from rich families with known pedigrees could not fathom an orphan who was the top candidate in academics, leadership and swordfighting.  It did not help either than Boris caught the eye of the Commanding Officer's daughter named Erica who took every opportunity to visit the academy and start conversations with him. It was on graduation day that the scandal erupted and Boris was not allowed to graduate for "integrity issues" as the Commanding Officer assumed that unallowed fraternization had occured between Boris and a his daughter.  Boris was escorted out of the academy in the middle of laughs and jeers from his fellow candidates and thrown out in the middle of Britain.  He looked at that academy vowing they would pay for their wrongdoing and the dark label placed on the orphanage he came from.  Boris was fortunate to land a job as crewmember on that sleek sloop called the "Phantom" he first fell in love with and worked on prior to the academy and this is where the adventure begins.




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