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Boris Mondragon

The Elegant Pirate Part II (A Pirate is Born)

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Several years of hard work aboard the Phantom helped Boris grow physically and helped heal the psychological wounds suffered in Britain at the hands of the academy.  On his free time he would practice with his swords incessantly and he quickly obtained the respect from his shipmates and Captain Roca who taught Boris all he knew about these seas and mainly how to avoid pirates on their travels between Cove, Vesper and Trinsic.  The Phantom mainly transported reagents, ore and a few discreet passengers who did not want their travel destinations known, it also provided relative safety to its passengers due to its design that would allow for maximum speed.  This particular day would be different as a storm ensued which left the main mast and sail damaged and caused the phantom to list along at a dangerously low speed, this did not help as a much bigger ship was seen gaining ground on the phantom as repairs were being made at a frantic pace.and Boris was asked to climb up to the crow's nest to look for the flag of the approaching vessel.  Boris looked bewildered as he noticed a black flag with a silver lich outlined was waving in the wind and when he yelled the description of the flag heard the reply "The Lich" at which point all abled seamen took their positions on deck awaiting the worst.  Repairs had been made yet the Phantom would have to engage the Lich and they were outmanned and outgunned.  What the Phantom lacked in cannons and manpower they would make up with speed, discipline, and war maneuvers as Boris had taught the crew all these traits in this last year when he had been named first mate of the Phantom.  The game of cat and mouse played itself with the Phantom maneuvering out of the Lich's cannon fire until they positioned themselves and fired their four port-side cannons towards the back of the Lich.   Their aim was true and the first cannon fire impact hit the Lich's captain's quarters while the second broke their main mast.  Captain Roca looked at Boris with a smile knowing their cunning had paid off and it was time to make a decision to leave the listing pirate ship to flounder or board it.  Suddenly, Boris had his first encounter with what his fellow sailors had called the "Sea Goddess".  It was nightfall and the full moon shined brilliantly when the silver dragon swooped over the deck of the Phantom and continued onto the Lich setting a plume of fire to the pirates on its deck.  Just as quickly as the dragon appeared she disappeared into the moonlight yet Boris could hear her whisper "Boris take that ship and make her yours.  I have always looked out for you since you were left at the orphanage and one day will tell you your true heritage.  For now let them fear you for they will know the Sea Goddess protects you".  The image of a Black Flag with a silver dragon in its middle formed in his mind and Boris knew a pirate had been born this night.

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