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Boris Mondragon

The Elegant Pirate Part III - A Score is Settled

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The Lich had been boarded and the few remaining pirates put on a small rowboat with enough provisions to make it to shore which was but 3 leagues distance.  Boris had inspected first the structure of the Lich for needed repairs knowing the crew from the Phantom would assist and headed to the cargo hold only to find an alarming surprise.  There was approximately twenty men in chains and a mysterious compartment from which some noises were heard.  Boris unchained those men and gave them one simple option stay on as part of the crew or get on the other small boat and take their chances with the pirates on the way back to shore.  The answer came in unison from a man in the shadows: "We follow you Captain".  A smile formed on Boris' face as he recognized Carlos Bane from the group that had been chained and they had grown up together in the orphanage as children.  Carlos and Boris were like day and night in their personalities yet they worked for many years together in their youth and could trust each other in a battle when returning at night from the docks to the orphanage.  Boris continued to follow the noise to the secret compartment and found four people huddled together in fear not knowing who had found them.  As Boris lit the candle and looked around he saw the young woman he had fallen for while at the academy and called her name "Erica".  This surprise was not at pleasant as he thought at first as a man stepped in front of her and two small children rushed to Erica.  She spoke softly to him: "Boris, I am married to this man and these are my small children.  Our ship was sunk by the pirate after they boarded us and took the crew as slaves and the gold and cloth  we were taking to Trinsic. 

An idea formed quickly in Boris' mind as both Erica and her husband Mark were  amongst the best tailors back in Britain.  The arrangement was simple.  The sails would be dyed black and the a large emblem of a silver dragon would be engraved on all three sails as well a new flag.  In return Erica, Mark and their children would be dropped off near Britain with two thirds of the gold.  One third was for them and the other third to be taken to the Orphanage.  They were also told to stay clear of the academy near the port as Boris had some unfinished business there.  Boris waited for night to fall before approaching the harbor aboard the newly christened "Sea Goddess" and the boar was lowered within a mile from a nearby port.  As the full moon rose for the third night Boris was positioning his ship and aimed at the four academy ships when the fog rolled in.  From within the fog cannon fire ensued as the four academy ships sank in a plume of fire.  Just as quickly as the attack came the Sea Goddess turned and headed back out to sea in the cover of the fog.  Two ships followed the Sea Goddess and even though they could not catch her were able to see the black sails with the silver dragon.  Boris knew his ship had been marked and the only choice was to live the life of a pirate.  He looked at Carlos Bane and barked out the order: "Buccaneers Den". This was the only port Boris knew about where Britain's ships would not venture. 

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