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Boris Mondragon

The Elegant Pirate Part IV - Buc's Den

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It took over a month to arrive at Buc's Den after a stopover in Skara Brae where Boris had his ship renamed to what was now called "The Dragon" and painted all black as well as its sails.  The crew had also had new uniforms in black leather with the silver dragon outline sown on the chest piece.  They had also undergone intensive training in archery to add a new dimension to ship warfare and all was going along with the plan to make this ship a fast moving lethal fortress.  The ship arrived at nightfall in Buc's den and only two ships were visible in the harbor at the time of arrival, A quick glance through the spyglass revealed neither ship was ready for battle nor would pose much of a problem yet a small welcoming committee approached the "Dragon" on a small rowboat asking to see the Captain immediately.  A very fat and scruffy individual was allowed to board the ship and talk to Boris and he introduced himself as Treasurer Smythe, assistant to Lord Savarth who was the self-proclaimed ruler of Buc's Den.  With a smile on his face this scruffy so called "Treasurer" asked Boris to pay 1000 gold pieces to allow his ship to dock.  Laughter erupted from Carlos Bane the first officer of the "Dragon" as Boris looked at the "Treasurer" with amusement.  Boris clapped his hands at which point twenty of his crew pointed bows at the "Treasurer and his small entourage.  He then had that annoying group strip naked and get back aboard their small rowboat with a message for Lord Savarth to leave the island before sunrise and leave all belongings and gold behind.

Boris knew there would be resistance and the battle did not last long as many men ran towards the two moored ships in the harbor yet it was to no avail as the "Dragon" was already in position by the time the two ships raised their anchors and the first one took direct cannon fire rendering it useless.  Boris allowed the other one to leave guessing Lord Savarth and his retinue would be on it.  He allowed that second ship to pass near the "Dragon" before ordering his men to light arrows and spray their sails with them.  That ship would not go anywhere very fast which had also been calculated to allow Boris and his crew to dock and install themselves as the new rulers of Buc's Den.  His plan was to take whatever gold was there and distribute it amongst the island residents.  Boris sensed something else was in the plans as he felt that whisper in the wind call to him "Prepare quickly as we move on to Isle of Fire"  In two days the "Dragon was re-stocked with provisions and the crew had been allowed to entertain themselves in the local tavern.  Boris noticed that Feluccan moon full and knew it was time to set sail.

It was on the second day of the full moon that Boris had the dream of what was to happen on Isle of FIre and though vague in nature he knew there was a woman he would seek there named Laura who would give him further advice.  The seas had been relatively calm and the travel to Fire Island had been uneventful.  They had docked and saw a small village where a woman approached them. She looked at him and spoke softly: "Captain Mondragon, I saw you in my dreams and must speak to you at nightfall by the beach.  It will be then that your future will be told".


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