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Boris Mondragon

The Elegant Pirate Part V - The Future Revealed

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There was a loud knock on the door and the two guards who entered approached Boris who had been waiting for the sun to set.  "Captain Mondragon, please come with us as Lady Laura awaits by the beach".  It had been a short walk from the village shack were Boris was resting to a large crop of brush that hid an entrance to a cave where all three men entered and from which they exited into a secluded beach area.  The area was quite large and several small huts were visible along with plenty of activity.  One thing that caught Boris' eye was a small ship that was docked there well camouflaged from eyesight.  There was also a large hut were Boris was being led and yet this place looked somewhat familiar as if from a distant time that Boris could not piece together.  He knocked on the door of the large hut and the voice of a woman called from within with soft words "Lord Mondragon come in and welcome back home".  Those words "welcome back home" did confuse him a bit as he studied the layout of the hut.  It was simple and a large cauldron with sticks and a large skull was in the back of the hut.  Next to it were two straw mats where Laura sat and motioned Boris to sit in front of her.  There were four braziers that were lit and on which Laura sprinkled some herbs that she produced from a small pouch.  The smell of these burning herbs was peculiar yet familiar as well and the hut was filled with this fragrance that Boris found intoxicating yet producing a feeling of euphoria.

Laura saw the look on his face and smiled at Boris uttering a few initial words to set him at ease: "Lord Mondragon do not fear the sensations produced by the sacred plant.  We used this at your birth in this same hut 30 years ago today to allow your mother ease in childbirth.  Today you will know many things about your present and future and what the great spirit has prepared for you".Laura produced another pouch with cowry shells she used for divination and approached the cauldron to speak a few words of incantation as part of the preparations.  As both Boris and Laura faced each other sitting in the straw mats, she gathered the shells in her cupped hands and placed them on Boris' forehead speaking out loud "May the blessings of the great spirit, our forefathers and the sea goddess bless us with clarity and give us the insight to understand the messages".  She dropped the cowry shells several times and noticed the number that had the open end in the up position taking notes on the number combinations then she moved them to the side and began to speak:

"Lord Mondragon, your fate is confirmed now as it was set when I read these shells to your mother on the day of your birth.  It was the reason she had you taken to the great city and that orphanage for you to be safe from danger and to learn skills that now make you able to set things right as we are all facing a grave danger that you and others like you must destroy in a far away land or it will consume us all slowly.  You see that cauldron to our right? this is great older magic of which few are allowed to learn and use and it chooses who will wield it.  Your father Camilo Mondragon was one of those chosen to battle this evil and unfortunately from what my shells tell me he is held captive by one whose name I do not know yet that evil being has taken the magic to animate the dead for his wishes and for his goal of ultimate domination using those departed to do his bidding. You must stop this being from succeeding and hopefully bring your father out of there alive.  You must learn to use more than just your wits and blades to prepare for this mission and it is the elements of Earth, Wind and Fire that will help you succeed.  You must also learn to move along the shadows as that evil being knows of you and our plans, fortunately he cannot reach us here.  Your mother Alana has sacrificed in many ways from your childbirth as she made a pact with the Sea Goddess and the Great Spirit in order to keep us safe here and to ensure you could make it back here this day to learn your future.  She will appear to you tonight and give you her blessing and that of the Sea Goddess.  I will expect your return in the future so you can instruct me on locking the magic so we may never have another one like the evil one use it again.  Take these herbs with you as these may save you and many others you will meet if used at the right moments with this coconut paste.  Simmer both together and either ingest them or place them as a salve to any serious injuries.  May the great spirit guide you always Boris".  Laura stood and helped Boris to his feet guiding him to the beach as nightfall had falled completely yet the moonlight cast a luminous eerieness there.

Boris tried to remember all that was told to him by Laura yet felt himself still engulfed by the euphoria of the herbs and slowly focused on the ripple in the sea not more than 10 feet from shore.  That is when he saw her coming towards him.  Alana was a beautiful woman with solid white hair, caramel skin and large green eyes yet the one thing that stood out was the warm smile on her face as she approached him and held her hands out to him.  "Son, I am sure you know your heritage now and what the great spirit has in store for you.  I can only remain in this form for a few hours before I must change again to the form that allows me to keep this island safe from Pirates and other beings that would have destroyed us all shortly after your birth".  Come with me into the sea so I may bless you in front of the Sea Goddess".  As both Boris and Alana stepped into waist deep water they were joined by several female creatures that the pirates had called "Sirenes"  who sprinkled water upon Boris chanting words in an unknown language.  Boris thought this was all a dream until Alana laughingly shooed the playful Sirenes away.  She looked at Boris again and spoke once more: "Son you have my blessings and the blessing of the Sea Goddess as she has sent these young "Ladies" on her behalf.  They will guide you to the vortex tomorrow night for you to enter the realm where you fate guides you. I will await your return and hopefully that of your father as well."  There was a final hug and just like she appeared Alana dove under the water to re-emerge as a silver dragon circling Boris twice before disappearing into the night.

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