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Boris Mondragon

The Elegant Pirate- Part VI - Marooned

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Boris had retired to rest shortly after the first rays of sun appeared on the horizon.  He had much to think about the events earlier that night and what was yet to come. He woke up late in the afternoon and began preparations for his voyage towards the vortex and what lays beyond.  This was a small ship and he was aware that he would be the only one aboard it.  His first officer Carlos Bane and most of the crew had tried to insist on going with him yet the answer from Boris remained firm "Brothers, this is my fate and mine alone, help those here and tend to our ship as I promise that I will return one day after my mission is completed.  Boris packed the few belongings he would take and headed toward the small ship as the last rays of sun began to disappear and night set in.

He remembered in his dreams to set sail due east and looked at the crowd that had come to see him off waving at them with a smile and proclaiming the words "May the Sea Goddess protect you".  The winds were light and the sky clear and Boris assumed he would find the vortex within a few hours.  He was not alone though as he saw the silhouette of the dragon high above leading him as he steered the small ship following her guidance.  He also saw the Sirenes appear next to the ship and follow him for the first hour of his voyage singing incantations in a language he did not understand yet these incantations produced a deep calm in him and allowed him to focus his eyes straight ahead.

Two hours after departing the island he caught the first glimpse of the Vortex and the light blue aura that surrounded it.  There was the sound of thunder and lightning could be seen all around the vortex.  Most sailors would have veered away from it yet Boris knew this was his fate and he headed directly for it noticing the winds pick up and the waves begin to pound the side of the small ship.  He entered the vortex feeling the ship begin to break apart and his body thrown about for what seemed an eternity, then he lost conciousness.  When Boris regained conciousness it was peaceful again yet all that remained was a piece of wood that he clung on and the sea current which seemed to be moving him toward shore and the faint lights he could see.

Boris must have lost and gained conciousness several more times as the piece of wood he clung on to suddenly stopped moving and he felt himself thrown onto the sand.  He got up slowly and inspected himself noticing no injuries yet he felt so exhausted he struggled to walk to the nearest building from which he could hear voices.  It seemed from the sign that it was a tavern and he managed to open the door and briefly look around before he fell unconcious again.  His last thoughts were "Where am I".


(OOC Note:  Anyone who wishes to  participate in this story at this point feel free to do so as you have seen someone walk into a tavern and fall flat on his face.  You can use this to introduce your characters and were they fit in whether as a patron of the tavern or a passerby.  The previous chapters 1-5 were mainly to introduce the character).

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