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    Player NPC's

    Torin Silverfoot - Adoris- Sequanna Square - Cousin of Sean Silverfoot - Reagent Hunter NPC background (optional): Wanted to leave PaxLair and travel the world to be free to do as he pleased. Area: Ardoris (Ardoris) Loc: (43.3, 53.0, -108.6) Ethan Silverfoot - Estgard - Town Center - Cousin of Sean Silverfoot - Knight of Norgard, guard in Estgard NPC background (optional): Travelled from the hamlet of Tenakill to follow Courage. A virtue he's heard of from tales told in Tenakill. His dream of being a Knight of Norgard is now realized and Estgard is know his home Area: Estgard (Novia_R10_City_Estgard/Brekken Bay) Loc: (65.2, 38.0, 144.2) Sean Archer - Kiln - Campgrounds - distant relative of the Silverfoots NPC background: Is searching the world, looking to free jhis inner avatar.