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Found 4 results

  1. Silverfoot

    Dragons Watch Map

    Ooops! Something went wrong. Please see the map on "http://sotamap.com"
  2. Will be using this thread to update and discuss Dragons Watch town setup.
  3. Silverfoot

    List of residents and lots

    Dragons Watch Lots If you believe you should be on the below list. Do not fret, merely get in touch with the city manager and all will be made well. Forum Name Char name Neighborhood area Lot # Lot Size Intended use Guild? Notes and Comments Nanoc Nanoc HLD V1 Village Personal PaxLair Guard Unknown HLD T2 Town Unknown HLD T3 Town Unknown HLD V1 Village Unknown HLD V2 Village Unknown HLD V3 Village Unknown HLD V4 Village Unknown HLD V5 Village