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  1. Manerd

    Housing list

    Yup. That looks about right for now.
  2. Hello Manerd and welcome. :)

    1. Manerd


      Howdy bud. Glad to be here...but still learning my way around here

  3. Good to see you here. Lots of ways to promote Knowhere and have a history of it's building.

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    2. Silverfoot


      No worries, that's what I'm here for to help you get it set up. Make sure you come in at least once a week and check the Governors private forum for updated information

    3. Manerd


      Ok will check the Governors forum. I am thinking that Manerd and Sean were out exploring(looking for a new fishing spot) and came upon the island. That maybe why it does not appear on any map.

    4. Silverfoot